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Steam removes “WarZ”

War Z

Following widespread controversy, Valve removed Hammerpoint Interactive’s The War Z from Steam.  People who purchased the game complained due to false advertising on the Steam store page for the game, with the game lacking various promised features.  Sergey Titov, developer of the game, responded to the backlash, ultimately letting responsibility for refunds fall on Valve.  Besides removing the game, Valve is currently offering refunds to people who purchased the game.

Consumers deal with more than their fair share of shady business from the video game industry.  On-disc DLC, subscription services, DRM, the list can go on for miles.  The War Z is nothing more than a money-grubbing scam.  This isn’t something new.  It is the kind of thing that happens almost every day, and no one bats an eyelash.  But today, people spoke out.  Maybe it’s not right that a basic refund and removal from the store is the best we can hope for; an exception to the rule of cheating and foul play.  But it’s a start.