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“Shadows of the Eternals” Kickstarter cancelled, to be relaunched



Precursor Games plans to cancel their Kickstarter and Paypal crowdfunding drives for Shadows of the Eternals on June 6.  The campaigns, which were scheduled to continue until June 18,  failed to meet their $1.35 million goal, receiving a total of  $284,959.  The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness will have a new crowdfunding campaign withing the next few weeks, which will also feature new developments into the game.

The former members of Silicon Knights have something to prove if they want to succeed with their new game.  It is unquestionable that  Eternal Darkness has achieved cult status, but that alone doesn’t entitle the developers to a cool million and change. Considering the developer’s more recent works, the new developments better impress.  I want Shadows of the Eternals to happen.  But first Precursor Games need to prove they can make it happen.