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“Hitman” app causes controversy

Hitman Facebook App

Early Tuesday morning, Facebook featured the “Hire Hitman” app as a tie in to the recently released Hitman: Absolution.  The app allowed users to set up “hits” on their friends, allowing the user to identify the target through a number of predetermined descriptions, such as “her small tits” or “her muffin top.”  Sqaure Enix took the app down in response to “community feedback.” and apologized.

The video game industry has always been sketchy when it comes to promoting their products.  Whether it is mock protests or horrifying baby commercials , it’s safe to say gaming companies can make bad choices.  However, I believe this app wasn’t a completely bad idea.  “Killing” your Facebook friends could be a funny joke with a certain crowd.  The issue is that they presented the option to make fun of your friends for their appearance.  If the app allowed the user to write out their own description, then all the blame goes to the people using the app.  By shoving the option to insult your friend’s breast size in the user’s face, Square Enix took it a bit too far.