“Curiosity” set to launch Friday

Peter Molyneux’s first of 22 experimental projects, titled Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube?, will be released Nov. 7 on iOS and Android devices.  The app features a box which players can chip away at to get to the core.  The box is universal to everyone who gets the app, so if someone else chips part of the box off, it will count towards your progress.  However, the core of the box holds a secret Molyneux describes as life-changing, and the only person who can see this secret is the last person to chip away at the box.  The app also allows you to buy upgraded pickaxes that more efficiently chip away at the box, with the most expensive costing $50,000.  22Cans, the indie game developer headed by Molyneux, will create 21 experiments similar to Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, as well as one full game.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with Molyneux is aware of his tendency to over-hype his own products.  It could be argued that his own fame is a result of this hype.  For all I know, he could have found the cure to cancer and put it in the app, but I just don’t see the contents being worth the price of admission, let alone the upgraded pickaxes.  Personally, if I wanted to waste money, I’d buy a lottery ticket.


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